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Imelda May: Road Runner

Decca Records

I Was Finally Able To Download This Song!

When Is Imelda Bringing This To The US?

I made this lovely skirt with the new sewing machine my momma got me! & rocking the shirt Miguelito gave me at Warped Tour! :)



“I tried to drown my sorrows, but the bastards learned how to swim, and now I am overwhelmed by this decent and good feeling”-Frida Kahlo

*_* oh my

This is still going around? Haha thanks! I’m flattered :) ❤

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Errrahhh blahhh blahh (Taken with instagram)

I had dinner today with my auntie, cuzzo & mama. We went to Olive Garden & the manager gave me a free dessert oh no biggie… I’m happy to see my mom & auntie getting along again tonight was great :)

Here’s another one everyone seemed to like on instagram :)

How do you do?! (Taken with instagram)

Besides the peter pan collar I love the back of this shirt my mama knows me so well :)

All dolled up!

Me being weird again! :) (Taken with instagram)

Dude I’m not bored I swear! lol (Taken with instagram)

When I’m bored I do my hair! :)

 (Taken with Instagram at Wonderland)